Mesh Networks

I’m currently getting involved in the emergency communications aspect of ham radio. I have purchased several radios for a mesh network. The concept is to link various systems and locations together for redundancy and to allow communications and transfer of information. I will post more as the time comes, I need to get all the radios flashed, and then with the help of Vance KC8RGO, we will be able to do tons of testing and linking of the Baraga County Area.

Currently, this project is not funded, and I’m shoveling out the funds to help build this network, and to get parts of Baraga County on the likeness of various other counties. Baraga County is a bit behind the times when it comes to the emergency communication aspects, it seems nobody ever has the money or time to do anything to upgrade alternative systems. A select few of us will end up getting together to build this system, and I fear that some other people will take advantage of it, and will attempt to use our work as their glory. We will take it a day at a time, and continue the efforts forward.

I will have more to update soon.
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