Medical Marijuana Patients under fire from Michigan Supreme Court Decision

The Michigan Supreme court has apparently concluded “Dispensaries selling medical pot can be shut down as public nuisance” according to mlive.

Anti Marijuana – Attorney General Schuette, who along with Isabella County Prosecutor Larry Burdick filed the original complaint to shut down the CA dispensary, plans to send a letter to prosecutors in all 83 Michigan counties with instructions on how to file similar nuisance complaints.

“Today Michigan’s highest Court clarified that this law is narrowly focused to help the seriously ill, not an open door to unrestricted retail marijuana sales,” Schuette said in a statement. “Dispensaries will have to close their doors. Sales or transfers between patients or between caregivers and patients other than their own are not permitted under the Medical Marijuana Act.”


AG Bill Schuette has been pushing an anti Medical Marijuana agenda during his term, although the people of Michigan clearly spoke for Medical Marijuana laws, there are several news articles such as this old article.

A video response to a medical marijuana question:


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