Criteria… Criteria…

As you may all know – I have drove my girlfriend to the Emergency Room well over 40 times. She has been told to have the following medical conditions: First was, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then it was that she was a Drug Addict, and then onto Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome,? then again to sickness? Irritable Bowel Syndrome as consequence of being a drug addict who then had to get some help at

OH come on.. don’t bullshit me! – She has always been clean.. these people don’t understand.

In this case Medical


The doctors sure have a ring a round going on don’t they? We have been to? Bell Memorial Hospital (x4)? / Marquette General Hospital at least (x36)? and Baraga County Memorial at least (x10)


The reason I’m ranting today is because shes been sick for 4 days straight. Now being able to keep food down, water for that matter or really any liquid. They have ran a new CT and has found something in the stomach to be inflamed.. but if course its nothing major aparently. — as they are doing nothing before… However if i remember correct she had the same issue months ago and they had to keep her in the hospital over night to try to treat it… HMM?

?I complained..?bitched..?and again?complained to Dr. Verbridge about the fact she needs to be addmitted— he stated the abvious “there is nothing we can do

?He also took the time to point out she’s a “drug addict”


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