Computer Repair

Keith Almli offers PC Repair services to clients and future clients. Keith Almli demands the fair pricing of the services offered throughout its multitude of sites. Thus we offer fair pricing to all the clients who contact us looking for a quote of repair. We guarantee to price match any offers from trusted competitors if we don’t currently offer the cheapest price. If at any moment we fail to meet our clients needs we will package the original contents back in the pc and ship it back to the client free.

Services Offered

-Remote PC Diagnostics
-PC Repair (Motherboard, Power Supply, Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Processor, RAM, and more PC Components)
-OS Install
-Spyware/Virus removal
-PC Training Seminars
-Software Install
-PC Upgrades
-Custom PC builds
-Data Recovery
-New Computer Installations
-Networking (Home media, Wireless, Shared Drives)

Shipment and Local Dropoff

All services offered are offered locally through L’Anse, Michigan and surrounding areas. Other non-local services require shipment of machine or mobile Teamviewer calls with one of our trained technicians. Please contact us for more information on which services can be done through Teamviewer.

Start by Contacting Us

Pease contact us by using this webform. mega888 apk