My Editorial for U.P. Media failed to show “Granholm-Cherry Tax Lien”


Over the past couple of weeks I have been watching an important story unfold as the truth is finally let out. You may not know that the Granholm-Cherry Inaugural Committee is in trouble with the IRS.

The committee owes the Federal Government $19,535 as of 10-09-2006, according to the IRS ?Notice of Federal Tax Lien? dated and signed on Feb. 7, 2008, The Granholm-Cherry Committee claims it had no idea and issued the statement

?The Inaugural Committee was established to limit taxpayer expenses related to the 2003 inauguration. Our accountants filed tax returns with the IRS. The Committee was dissolved in 2005. The first we heard of the lien was yesterday [Wednesday, March 5th] accountants are obtaining information from the IRS concerning the basis of the lien. We will take all appropriate measures to resolve this issue?

I do know for sure the media in the Lower Peninsula has this story covered. This makes me wonder why it is not covered by the media in the Upper Peninsula.

I have contacted various media outlet throughout the state with no response. In my opinion, it seems very obvious?someone doesn?t want you to know.

If this concerns you as a resident of Michigan, I urge you to find out more and contact your state legislators demanding an answer.

If you would like to research this topic please go to Google and type in ?Granholm-Cherry Tax Lien?.

Keith Almli



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