I support local control over medical marijuana dispensaries –


I recently send an e-mail to Diandas office concerning HB 4271 of 2013

Scott Dianda

“A bill to regulate medical marihuana provisioning centers and

other related entities; to provide for the powers and duties of
certain state and local governmental officers and entities; to
provide immunity for persons engaging in certain activities in
compliance with this act; to prescribe penalties and sanctions and

provide remedies; and to allow the promulgation of rules.”



Studies report that medical cannabis has possible benefit for several conditions. State laws vary in which conditions qualify people for treatment with medical marijuana. If you’re considering marijuana for medical use, check your state’s regulations and learn more by checking this guide on how to get a medical marijuana card in oklahoma.

My letter to Dianda:


“Feb 26, 2013

Representative Scott Dianda
Cora B. Anderson House Office Building, Room S-1489
124 North Capitol Avenue
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

Dear Representative Dianda,

The initiative creating Michigan’s medical marijuana law passed in 2008 with an overwhelming 63% of the vote and more than 50% in every county. Learn more by checking the 
Unfortunately, some state officials who were opposed to the initiative when it passed have done everything they can to undermine it. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against dispensaries in the McQueen case, patients need legislators like you to stand up for them.

Fortunately, a bill has been introduced that would explicitly recognize, and strictly regulate, medical marijuana dispensaries in cities that allow them. The bill, HB 4271, is being sponsored by a Republican, Mike Callton. Rep. Callton has a background in providing treatment to people with chronic pain issues, and the bill was developed in consultation with other members of the House Judiciary Committee. It’s a sound proposal that sets sensible standards for security and safety and allows local municipalities to regulate dispensaries further or prohibit them entirely.

Please let me know where you stand on HB 4271, and thanks for your time.


Mr. Keith Almli
16816 Skanee Rd
Lanse, MI 49946-9021 “


— Diandas office replied:


“Dear Mr. Almli,

Thank you for contacting my office. I have read Rep. Callton’s bill and like many of its provisions. I like that it establishes local control by allowing communities to decide whether they want medical marijuana distributors within their limits. Local governments that do say Yes to dispensaries can choose how they want to license facilities, and whether or not to mandate medical marijuana testing for mold or other impurities, look for a Virginia medical card to facilitate your needs.

The bill also sets forth some basic and fair restrictions, like limiting advertising for marijuana, prohibiting consumption on-site, ensuring that distributor employees are over 21 years of age, and ensuring that distributors will not be within 1,000 feet of schools.

I will continue to follow this legislation and look forward to hearing testimony on the bill. I am ready to consider any legislation that would provide more clarity to communities and patients. Thank you again for contacting us.


State Representative Scott Dianda
Serving Michigan’s 110th House District
Office: 888.663.4031

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