RNC Rule 11 crybabies.

Petoskey News Article

Heres an interesting comment from the Petoskey news, I have found that the goldthorpe campaign keeps crying about it (yes you bill)

Put this into consideration: ?1. Linda just started running (therefore if the RNC started and initiated this “rule 11” Linda was not even around at the time.) ?, 2. Hooper ran multiple times and lost, why would the RNC back him all of a sudden?! (thats suicide on their part)??I think its time to shape up and stop trying to expose something that isnt there. ?Grow up…” The state Republican National Committee members signed a formal NRC “Rule 11” letter on July 13, 2007 to formally endorse Tom Casperson for Congress.?The first portion of Rule 11(a) reads: ?The Republican National Committee shall not,?without written and filed approval of all?members of the Republican National?Committee from the state involved, contribute?money or in-kind aid to any candidate for any?public office except the nominee of the?Republican Party or a candidate who is?unopposed in the Republican primary after the?filing deadline for that office.??The filing deadline for the office Casperson is?campaigning for was Tuesday, May 13, 2008.?It appears that the MI GOP decided long ago to make Capserson its “favorite son” and promote him for the 1st Congressional District?seat in spite of the fact that others might file?to run on the Republican ticket in the 8/5/08 primary.?Unless I’m mistaken, WE, the People still have a Constitutional right, through the electoral process, to select the candidate WE believe will best represent OUR voice in the nation’s capitol.?As I’m a 1st District registered voter who intends to support the Republican ticket, I’m concerned that the primary election process may be compromised by the state GOP elitists who’ve prematurely thrown their collective support behind their preferred candidate; a candidate who might prove not to be the one preferred by the voters on August 5th.?”

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