My rebuttal to Paul Neumier slamming tea party/Ron Paul supporters


I want Paul to know that his  local party has been fed up with his and Judy’s controlling ways for years.  This isn’t coming from me or tea party folks, many have confided this to me.  They call it Paul’s private Republican Party.   You say things unravelled, that is because there have been saboteurs working in the background.  When carol became chair all your minions stopped participating.  This was a concerted effort to set her up to fail.   You said we would use your trailer for the parade and you had a guy that would paint an outhouse for the float,  Well that never happened.  When discussing moving the fair booth outside you were fine with the location and the dunk tank. I specifically remember pulling up the fair map and you agreeing that would be a good location.  You were bothered with how little traffic was generated inside the Ruth butler building the year prior.  Then somehow it came out that we were strange for wanting it outside.    You held secret candidate fund raisers hosted by the delta county Republican Party and didn’t bother to invite any officers of  the delta county Republican Party.   You know that Jesse Osmer broke bylaws to strip me and  my wife’s voting rights on the executive committee.  Instead of speaking up and fighting for what was right,you turned a blind eye and took a seat that was gained by malfeasance.   Recently a new delta county republican party  website was created and called the “real” one.   Did you forget I created a profile for you to post whenever you desire?    Although at times we don’t agree, the actions of you and the old guard are that of questionable character.  It’s clearly understood that conservatives aren’t welcome in your inclusive party, unfortunately that does nothing for the Republican Party.

Paul neumiers rant posted to facebook (funny he will want my post deleted yet this is acceptable)

My Fellow 1st District Republicans,

When I first took the helm of the Republican Party in Delta County in 1993, we had no Republican representation in Lansing as the U.P. was declared, and treated, as a safe haven for Democrats. Other than Congressman Bob Davis, we could just not win an election. Over the course of the next twelve years I, along with many really wonderful, respected people in this community, built our local party into an organization where we could not only get good people to run on our ticket, but that we could actually win some of those races. Proof of this is State Senator Tom Casperson who defeated Lori Stupak, Congressman Bart Stupak’s wife, in his very first race. I can honestly say that I was instrumental in that victory. From that time forth, we managed to get many other good, well intentioned candidates running on our ticket. Of course, not all of them won. After 2005, I stepped down as chair and became less active in politics until the Ron Paul/Tea Party contingent’s assault on many of our state county organizations.

In 2012, Delta County, along with Marquette and Houghton, were taken over by a group of Tea Party/Ron Paul activists who were never interested in building an organizational base from which good people could run for office. They were strictly interested in using our party organizations to promote their own personal agendas with their own personal candidates. Over the next two years these county parties and the politically naive individuals controlling them unraveled, leaving a mess for others to clean up and rebuild. Unfortunately, they have one remaining hope, and that is Allan Arcand, a young man from Dickenson Delta County GOP who is making a primary challenge against Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek.

Arcand actually seems to be a pleasant enough person when you meet him. Unfortunately, he has aligned himself with people of questionable reputation and the nasty, burnt earth campaign that they are waging against Congressman Benishek. Arcand will be tainted by his association with these disreputable people and this will win him no support from any Independents or mainline Republicans whose support is needed to win this seat. On the top of Arcand’s diseased totem pole of supporters is none other than Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema, whose most recent comments almost make him appear homophobic.

Next on this losers list is two-time felon, Randy “The Oaf” Bishop, who lumbers around Republican Party events with his red face flushed with anger, attempting to intimidate those of us who have a different perspective of politics and what our goals should be. Often, we have the same goals, but we are diametrically on opposite poles of the spectrum at how we should go about achieving them.

Third, is none other than former State Committeeman Doug Sedenquist, who was just convicted of two felonies and who still faces additional charges in Michigan and Wisconsin. Perhaps, he can get “re-educated” in prison.

Arcand was almost out of campaign funds less than two months ago. So, my question now is who is paying for his current tidal wave of spending, especially these extremely nasty ads and robo calls about Dr. Benishek? Is it Democrats, trying to influence our primary by helping a weaker candidate who they believe that they can easily defeat in the general election? This is what the Democrat Party did in the Missouri Senate primary in 2012.

The voting public needs to consider Dr. Benishek’s entire career and also review his entire voting record, rather than focus on one particular item in a bill or listen to one disgruntled patient, who might not have taken his advice to begin with. Dr. Dan has won two previous contested races and we need to support him once again. We must not lose this seat!

Paul Neumeier
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