Gary Peters forced out by CMU

It’s about time!?Gary Peters forced out by CMUBy studentsagainstgarypeters [Edit User] , Section News?Posted on Tue May 13, 2008 at 04:33:04 PM EST?After months of turning a blind-eye to Gary Peters sacrificing the education of students by running for Congress while he’s under contract as a professor, Central Michigan University is finally doing the right thing.?Reports out of Mount Pleasant indicate the school’s Human Resources Department has finalized a policy that would require professors to pick between Congress and campus.?Under the new policy, which comes some three weeks after classes ended, Peters will be required to resign by June 5 — 60 days before the Democratic primary on August 5 — if he wants to challenge Congressman Joe Knollenberg.This is a major win for CMU students and Michigan taxpayers.?Read on…

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