I would like to talk about a few problems that I have noticed with the FirstGOPDebate idea.?First of all..?I’m a fan of a FirstGOP Congressional debate series.. it would be a great idea if Linda Goldthorpe’s campaign was not running the entire show like a monopoly. ?I have found that the Goldthorpe campaign wants to call all the shots with their own moderators which would ultimately be disastrous to the other candidates because she would have the power to subconsiously attack the other?candidates?making herself look better.I have found that the domain for the debate series is under a private registration which means the people running the Goldthorpe show is trying to cover up the possible ownership link to Goldthorpes campaign.?If you take a look at the template used for the website design its very similar to the one of making one think that the Debate series is owned by the when in fact it is more than likely owned by Goldthorpes campaign.?I may not be a lawyer [which makes me able to run for office knowing nothing] but I can surely understand when someone is trying to cover up something.?I think it’s wrong to hide that information from the public. ????? But what I have found in my research on the Goldthorpe?campaign may have you chilled I have found I will tell you that flat out right now. I have researched the owners of the domain

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