Best explanation of “rules changes” in Tampa.

Numerous e-mails have been sent regarding delegates to the Republican convention.  Family Research Council has the most understandable explanation:


During meetings last Friday, the Republican Rules Committee surprised a lot of people by changing the way delegates are selected. Under the new system, the GOP’s presidential nominees would have the power to override state parties and pick their own delegates. Essentially, the local party would have to surrender its authority to the candidate in naming representatives–even if the delegates are legally elected.


Much of this has to do with the Republicans’ fears over candidates like Rep. Ron Paul, who have such strong grassroots support. If they succeed in rewriting these rules, leaders like Paul would be prevented from having their delegates seated in future conventions. But in trying to head off these potential coups, the GOP is giving future nominees an unprecedented amount of power.


Why does that matter? If a more liberal nominee can stack the deck full of sympathetic delegates, then he can weaken our ability to influence the platform through conservative delegates. Once this proposed change goes into effect in 2016, a more socially liberal nominee tied to the GOP establishment (which is most of them) could shut out delegates with conservative views. And with fewer pro-family delegates, groups like FRC Action have fewer friends on the inside to impact the language.


Left unchallenged, this could jeopardize the entire GOP platform which would have significant ramifications on core principles like life, marriage, and religious liberty. A lot of people feel like Drew McKissick, a South Carolina representative on the Rules Committee, who called it “groundbreaking“–and not in a good way. “We are telling the state how they have to pick their delegates.” Although the Republican establishment is driving the changes, the idea has raised enough eyebrows to warrant a second look. Right now, conservative groups are circulating a “minority report,” which, if it collects enough signatures, could stop the rules from taking effect. We’ll continue to monitor the situation on the ground in Tampa and keep you updated on the latest.


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The ramifications for grassroots activist and state GOP’s are vast. This rule change would allow a candidate to select his or her own delegates, essentially the nominee would get to choose those who nominate him instead of the states.

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