DANGEROUS RNC rules change! Do we NEVER want another Reagan?!

Greetings, Are you wondering why everyone is up in arms over a recent RNC rule change? 

Dave Agema, our newly elected RNC Committeeman, posted This deserves another vote” on his facebook page with a link to the following TV news report from WXIX Fox 19, a station which covers Speaker John Bohemer’s home district.

Please, take just a few minutes and watch this news report from the RNC convention in Tampa.

You will be appalled to see what OUR OWN PARTY has done to work against its own grass roots base. If these rule changes had already been implemented, it would have blocked Ronald Regan from ever becoming president.  


Or via Youtube:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKaXqoC4DjEHOW DARE THEY disregard our votes on critical rules changes that destroy the entire purpose of having conventions. 

HOW DARE THEY read pre-scripted vote results from a TELEPROMPTERignoring cries for a division count,destroying all integrity in our delegation process.

Do we really want our delegate seats to be sold off to the highest campaign donor?!

Morton Blackwell, the Virginia RNC Committeeman and well-known national Republican leader from Virginia, who was serving on the RNC Rules committee and was trying to file a minority report opposing this rule change motion wasprevented from doing so by being kidnapped and detained on the bus. He was not allowed to get off of the bus until after the so-called “vote” had already been taken.He writes, “What happened regarding the party rules in Tampa was a totally unnecessary but largely successful attempt to concentrate and centralize more power at the top of the party and restrict or shut off opportunities for power in the party to flow from the bottom up.”

Please read Morton Blackwell’s blog post here:


We must work hard to restore integrity to our party’s convention process, and restore our party’s credibility with voters. 

The Michigan Republican Party can be commended for having already been pro-active in working to resolve this problem. It should be noted that when we replaced Saul Azunis with Dave Agema as our RNC committeman back in May, Saul Azunis still was left to serve out the remainder of his term of office, including the convention we just had in Tampa. Saul served on the RNC rules committee as well, and supported these rule changes that were crammed down our throat without a fair vote count.

We have much work in the road ahead, but keep in mind — Michigan CAN be an example to other states in taking the lead on addressing these concerns of corruption and restoring honor & integrity to our republican process–a process that in its core principles and purposes will only function properly when organized from the bottom up — a system of self government of, by, and for We The People. We can not allow this most basic principle to be forgotten & replaced with a top-down system in which a small select few hold all power & make their decisions in secret.

We did build this… and we can fix it!

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