Articles of Interest 6-07-08

150 Days until Election Day

June 7, 2008

MORNING UPDATE:FDR’S D-DAY PRAYER…President Franklin Delano Roosevelt leads the nation in prayer on June 6, 1944 as the Greatest Generation launched its mightiest battle of the Second World War. This prayer was replayed around the country yesterday.

PIZZA & POLITICS…a big success as usual. State Committee meets this morning.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT SCHOOL…ends a second day, into the final stretch as we prepare to battle for a conservative, Republican House majority.

FLINT TV…Genesee County Chair Denise Graves and I taped the Republican response to the Democrats "dream ticket" of Obama and Clinton yesterday. I said that dream ticket will be a "nightmare for America." Watch "Newsmaker" on channel 12 Saturday and Sunday. Tax and spend policies don’t work…see Michigan.If you like what Governor Granholm has done for Michigan…you’ll love what Barack Obama is going to do to America.This will be a race about McCain’s experience, knowledge and judgment vs. Obama’s inexperience. Who’s ready to be Commander in Chief?

PANDER ALERT…writes NBC Political Director Chuck Todd and his Team in their excellent political blog Frist Read: "Obama’s lucky we’re all so obsessed with secret meetings, because his apparent reversal on Jerusalem — telling AIPAC that the city must remain "undivided" and then backtracking yesterday by saying …that the city should be up to negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians – could be used by McCain as an example of inexperience. Did Obama, in his exuberance to win over Jewish voters, just say what the group wanted to hear regarding Jerusalem? Or did he not realize what he was saying? All in all, this wasn’t a good moment for Obama." He’s just another politician who will say anything to get elected.

MEET BARACK OBAMA…the new web page launched by the Republican National Committee…the more you know, the more you and your neighbors will worry.

QUESTIONS FOR OBAMA…FROM GEORGE WILL…like only George Will can ask them. If you haven’t seen these, please take the time to go to the original article.

FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING…RE-START NUCLEAR POWER…America wants peace and prosperity. We need to become less dependent on foreign oil and have more domestic sources of power. Cheap, reliable and affordable energy will change the world. More below.



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– NUCLEAR POWER…is the world’s largest source of emission-free energy. Nuclear power plants produce no controlled air pollutants, such as sulfur and particulates, or greenhouse gases. The use of nuclear power in place of other energy sources helps to keep the air clean, preserve the Earth’s climate, avoid ground-level ozone formation and prevent acid rain.Nuclear power has important implications for our national security.

Inexpensive nuclear power, in combination with fuel cell technology, could significantly reduce our dependency on foreign oil.Nuclear power plants have experienced an admirable safety record. About 20% of electricity generated in the U.S. comes from nuclear power, and in the last forty years of this production, not one single fatality has occurred as a result of the operation of a civilian nuclear power plant in the United States. In comparison, many people die in coal mining accidents every year and approximately ten thousand Americans die every year from pollution related to coal burning.

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The followingstories and more are available at my Articles of Interest online.

Job Losses and Surge in Oil Spread Gloom on Economy

By PETER S. GOODMAN / The New York Times

The unemployment rate surged to 5.5 percent in May from 5 percent – the sharpest monthly spike in 22 years – as the economy lost 49,000 jobs, registering a fifth consecutive month of decline, the Labor Department reported Friday. The weak jobs report, coupled with a staggering rise in the price of oil – up a record $10.75 a barrel to more than $138 – unleashed a feverish sell-off on Wall Street, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down nearly 400 points. The dollar plunged against several major currencies.

Text Message Scandal: Mayor, Beatty forced to talk


Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can be questioned under oath in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the Free Press, Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo Jr. ruled Friday. The judge rejected the mayor’s claim that his pending criminal case offered him blanket protection under the Fifth Amendment to refuse to testify.

City boards move to recoup $30M from Kilpatrick backer

Christine MacDonald and David Josar / The Detroit News

DETROIT — Two city employee pension funds may be out as much as $30 million in loans that helped a member of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal defense fund buy a freight airline company.

Boos drown mayor’s speech

George Hunter and Catherine Jun / The Detroit News

DETROIT — For the first time in memory, Detroit hockey fans booed free beer. That’s because it was Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick making the offer.

Woes, expectations mount for DPS chief


The Detroit Public Schools budget deficit has grown from $45 million to $65 million — and could grow higher, Superintendent Connie Calloway said.

Bush weighs more economic stimulation


WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush is considering new measures to help stimulate the battered economy, the White House said Friday as unemployment and oil prices soared and Wall Street sank.

Canvassers: Schauer can run for Michigan’s 7th District seat

Posted by Kathy Barks Hoffman | The Associated Press

LANSING — State Sen. Mark Schauer has enough valid signatures to run for Michigan’s 7th District congressional seat, despite allegations of fraud by fellow Democratic candidate Sharon Renier, the Board of State Canvassers said Thursday.

McCain campaign says lean mode will win

By: Mike Allen

Advisers to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told reporters Friday that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will get a sharp bounce in the polls that could last most of the summer, but they said Republicans have built a muscular campaign that can prevail in a brutal political environment. "We’re not the Obama campaign – and don’t NEED to be," said one PowerPoint slide showing during a during a 100-minute strategy briefing aimed at reassuring donors and supporters while rebutting press skepticism about McCain’s campaign structure.

Veepstakes: Pawlenty Aims to Raise Profile Within GOP

By Chris Cilliza / The Fix

Publicly, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) demurs when asked about his interest in serving as John McCain’s running-mate. Privately, however, Pawlenty is doing all the right things to make sure he keeps his name in the mix as spring turns to summer.

Laura Berman: Clinton’s defeat crushes women

They counted on her, clamored for her. And when Hillary Clinton’s defeat came, many women took it like a body blow.

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