Ann Coulter at NMU

Heres a quote from people about Ann Coulter?coming?to NMU (from facebook or NMU students)David Miller “IM going because so many people on campus are all outraged and upset that Ann Coulter is coming to speak at NMU. These must be the same type of people who want to ban smoking at NMU, at least I think they would have the same agenda’s plus if I can get my Lawyers book signed he will owe me big time. he likes Ann Coulter and buys her books. People with closed minds cant stand opposing opinions about anything. for some reason if your not a bleeding heart liberal on campus your opinion or thoughts dont matter. Im glad someone on campus has the balls to be something other than a liberal wussy.”—-A few people who wanted to start a protest.. I commented on their ways of being a liberal.Keith Almli .”I would like to make it clear..?If Hilary Clinton came to NMU then it would be OKAY..howeverIf any republican comes to the conclusion that they will come to campus .. “hot damn! start protests.. we must stop her!” in reality.. why would you stop her? are you afraid of the conservative values? Are you unable to handle a change for once??Protest all you want, she came and all is over..”?

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